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Ms. Charlotte Schott

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC, MA

I am able to do relationship counseling for couples that helps them to bond and to renew their love. The skills taught in this counseling have been shown by research to be essential maintaining long last loving relationships.

I work with adults who are trying to find their spiritual direction. I point them to the Lord and support them in overcoming the consequences to bad choices they have made. I can help people to mend relationship with children and family members. I also specialize in helping children to over come trauma. I use Trauma Focused CBT which is shown in many studies to be very effective in helping children to overcome abuse or trauma. I am also experienced in helping adults to overcome trauma.
I am well versed in helping clients who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

My practice’s main office is located in the small town of Jeannette Pennsylvania about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh between the 2 main highways of US 30 and US 22, part of Westmoreland County. I am in private practice. I share my office with a chiropractor and a massage therapist. This cozy office allows my clients privacy since other businesses are also present within the same building.
My practice’s secondary office is located in a rural setting between Aultman and Homer City, PA; Indiana County. Many scheduling options exist.

I have been practicing for 6 years. I love Christian practice because I believe the God is the major power for healing. I have experience in the secular counseling scene, but prefer Christian counseling. Other than working my passion is for family and friends. I enjoy riding and training horses. I enjoy exploring the outdoors on horseback, hiking or kayaking (which I am just learning about). I also love to read and am involved in my church, New Hope Bible Fellowship.


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