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Mrs. Michele Santi

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MS, MFT

My passion in therapy is focused around helping my clients build healthy relationships. Through my graduate training as a Marriage and Family Therapist and my 20+ years of experience as a therapist for individuals, couples, and families, I have seen how vital strong relationships are to our mental well-being. I strive to help my clients develop a fuller and richer sense of themselves and their relationships with others. For clients who are Christian, I assist them in interpreting their life situations through their faith.

I approach the therapy process with openness to understanding a person’s unique strengths and challenges. This style allows me to individualize my treatment for each person through careful assessment of a client’s life situation or psychological issue. Some issues are short-term (1-6 sessions) while others require medium to long-term therapy. I am pleased to design the therapeutic experience to accommodate your specific needs.

Masters of Science from San Francisco State University 1991
Bachelor of Science from Duke University 1986
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1995 -Colorado MFT 273
Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Remote Sessions / Telehealth