Mrs. Martha Ryan
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Mrs. Martha Ryan

Licensed Professional Counselor | MEd, LPC

Hi! I have been ministering to hurting individuals through counseling since 1992. I received my Master’s Degree from The University of North Texas and my undergraduate degree from Baylor University.

I enjoy helping individuals who are struggling with depression, anxiety, abuse issues, eating disorders, and addictions.
I am also passionate about working with couples who are struggling. Marriage can be difficult and challenging and I want to equip individuals to communicate more effectively. I desire to help give them tools to strengthen their relationship.

I counsel individuals who are struggling to overcome past hurts and painful events that may be keeping them from living their life the way God desires. I want to encourage individuals to truly embrace who God designed them to be and for them to see the hope as they walk through a crisis and the everyday challenges. My desire is for lives to be transformed and for individuals to live in that freedom.

I am in private practice. I am in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can do virtual sessions for those who prefer telehealth. Telehealth also allows me to help individuals who may live out of town.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth