Dr. James Ross
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Dr. James Ross

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | PhD, LMFT

I work best with clients who are in committed relationships and who are expereincing conflict and intimacy issues.

I have been a marital therapist for over thirty years. My past experience includes directing a DUI assessment and treatment program in Kentucky and providing court order counseling for convicted sex offenders. I work within a framework of Christian values. However, I am happy to meet with anyone whatever their religion or lack thereof. I believe in respecting each person’s viewpoint even if they are very different from my own.. My goal is to help every patient become the person he or she wants to be.

I offer a free face-to-face consultation for twenty minutes for you to get acquainted with me.

I received my education at Southeastern Louisiana University, Columbia Theological Seminary, and Emory University. I am an ordained minister in the Christian Church, married for over 50 years with three children and nine grandchildren..

I have previous experience in campus ministry and college and seminary teaching.

My publications include The War Within: Violence or Nonviolence in the Black Revolution, My Marriage Manual, Freedom from Sexually Compulsive Behavior, How To Enjoy Being a Parent, Is Gay Good? and numerous essays in both popular and scholarly journals.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth