Dr. David Rising
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Dr. David Rising

Licensed Psychologist | EdD

I work with clients from ages 13 and up ( I do work with children who display symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). I prefer clients who are verbal, motivated to be in counseling, and are open to self-examination. I address numerous problems related to: anxiety, depression, trauma, rejection wounds, men’s issues (i.e father-son), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, family issues, anger management, parenting issues, life span adjustment issues, grief and loss, stress management, and spiritual issues.

I am writing on issues related to the “The Acceptance-Rejection Syndrome” {see: Rising, D. and Rohner, R.P (2021). “Recovery From Rejection: A Manual of Client Handouts for Clinical Practice.” Storrs, CT: Rohner Research Publications}, and am especially interested in working with people who have experienced significant rejection in their lives.

I am part of an outpatient medical practice in rural Pennsylvania (Williamsport) that is holistic in nature. We employ five family physicians, three physician assistants, four psychotherapists, and numerous other medical and administrative support staff. Our Mission Statement is: “Our mission at Cornerstone Family Health is to provide compassionate, Christ-centered, whole-person heath care, in partnership with our patients.”

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