Mrs. Melody Richards
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Mrs. Melody Richards

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor | MA, LPCC

Some seasons of life are difficult and can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and hopeless. Please don’t feel like you have to go through the valleys alone. I care…and want to guide you through your personal and family struggles. I am passionate about helping people grow and experience hope by developing cognitive, emotional, and spiritual capabilities for addressing past wounds and current challenges.

I believe in each individual’s potential for growth and change and work to help you feel understood and supported, while empowering you toward more effective patterns of thinking, feeling, and interacting. My value system comes from a Christian perspective.

I integrate complementary methodologies to offer a personalized approach depending upon the individual client needs. I utilize a cognitive behavioral approach as we often have thought patterns and beliefs that cause problems with functioning and relationships. I utilize neuroscience research to help clients understand their brain, which can be helpful in addressing anxiety and depression and enhances their ability to develop skills for emotion regulation. I am also trained in EMDR.

I published a book, Collision with Joy: Glimpses of Heaven in the Midst of Loss, where I share my own story of grief when my daughter was killed in a car accident. I am passionate and committed to bringing hope and healing to hurting hearts.

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