Mrs. Linda Reynolds
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Mrs. Linda Reynolds

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | MA, LMHC

For the last 35 years, I have been a clinician, working with various populations, taking numerous trainings myself as well as training others. As of late, I am seeing many more older folks with health issues, physical, emotional, social and mental. Getting older is not for sissies! I have a sliding scale to assist those who may need it.
I am pleased to be able to be of help to those who are struggling with issues at any age. All that I do is from the perspective of seeing people’s need for a relationship with the Lord. I am eager to show others the importance of putting God first. He has ALL the answers. I am only His messenger. Through the help of certain treatments, all individuals can become better. I have always felt that “you can become a better you!”

I work with six other counselors at Genesis. We meet regularly as a staff. I have several registered interns that I supervise. Together we all enjoy the roles that we have and the part we play in the lives of others.

The Bible is my go-to for everything. I especially like the Couples Devotional Bible – NIV. I do have plenty of other resources that I turn to often. One of my favorite books is an older source: “How to Grow Older Without Getting Old” by David Enlow. I regularly use many of Dr. James Dobson’s books, such as When God Doesn’t Make Sense, Love Must Be Tough, Preparing for Adolescence, The Strong-Willed Child and others. I truly love The Love Dare by Stephen and Alex Kendrick as well as their movies, since many folks are not readers. I read books with my clients or suggest certain books for them.

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