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Mrs. Teri Reisser

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MS, MFT

My approach to helping clients is based on a combination of psychodynamic, cognitive, somatic and behavioral therapies, depending on whether the individual/couple/family is seeking short-term crisis intervention or long-term ‘makeover’ therapy. While I feel comfortable dealing with any life issue, my expertise is in the area of sexual issues (for both men and women), trauma, and family dynamics. My best credential is that I’ve been married 41 years and I really know what an “intentional marriage” is all about!

I am in private practice. My office is located in the WaterCourt complex in Westlake Village.

I have authored 5 books, including “Your Spouse Isn’t the Person You Married”. I’ve written numerous articles and booklets and am proud to be a Focus on the Family author.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth