Dr. George Recknagel
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Dr. George Recknagel

Licensed Psychologist | PhD

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If you feel stuck in a place in your life or your marriage that leaves you distressed, disconnected, hopeless, or despairing, I would be honored to discuss with you how I may be able to help you. I work with individuals and couples, many of whom have been in previous counseling, who want a significant change in their lives but don’t know how to accomplish it or wonder if it’s even possible. I look for the underlying causes of the problems clients come in with so I can help them address the causes and not just reduce the symptoms. My work with couples has included recovery from infidelity, improving communications, and renewing or strengthening the connection felt by both partners. I have helped individuals overcome anger problems, feelings of shame and worthlessness, and anxiety and depression. I have worked with clients having difficulties with out of control sexual behavior and pornography (often called sexual or pornography addiction), with great success. In my couple work, I often work on individual issues with both. This can reduce or even eliminate the old patterns that have undermined the relationship and lead to a newer, deeper level of connection.

Uncovering and addressing the patterns and themes underlying the problems that prompt a client to seek help allows me to see them not as a diagnosis but as someone who has learned things that don’t help them live a more fulfilling life. This enables me to help clients address the feelings and patterns and free them to live a more satisfying life and to engage more fully in the relationship they are currently in or to be able to build a relationship when that time comes for them. Clients can then discover who they can be, to live without fear and not feel bound by who they have been.

I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the Graduate School of Psychology and my M.A. in Theology from the School of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. Incorporating matters of religious belief and practice into my clinical work with clients who wish to do so, and inviting God into the therapy process has enabled my clients and me to achieve very satisfying and sometimes unexpected results in our work together. I find Scripture important both for my understanding of clients and my approach to my work, whether it is included explicitly or informs me implicitly.

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