Mrs. Pamela Rak
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Mrs. Pamela Rak

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LCSW PC, DCSW

Pamela possesses an incomparable set of skills whetted over nearly 35 years of experience in clinical social work, medical case management, corporate consulting, individual adult and couples counseling. In addition to general mental behavioral health, Pamela is certified as a Collaborative Divorce Counselor and Coach. Recognized for her combined genuine warmth and pragmatic approach in counseling and psychotherapy situations, Pamela has the respect of and is a valuable resource to Family Court Judges and Family Law Attorneys. A frequently requested speaker and workshop presenter Pamela has an engaging, enthusiastic personality that invites learning with teaching tools and strategies that transfer effectively in many life circumstances. Pamela loves and lives what she does!
The indicator I am most appreciative of in sharing my practice approach & outcomes is the testimonials of clients who have worked with me. My clinical interest in general mental behavioral health issues (ie. depression, anxiety) and emotional regulation (ie anger management) incorporates a number of resources and approaches to help clients reach their treatment goals. I have received excellent training from pioneers in areas of forgiveness, developmental immaturity, & high conflict relationships. Eager to bring wellness to the community I teach at the college level & lead divorce/recovery support groups. I am accepting new clients for TeleHealth appointments on Tuesday’s Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. I have court case hours on Monday’s and Friday’s.
Pamela identifies with Converge, formerly the Baptist General Conference and Converge Worldwide, is a Baptist Christian denomination in United States.

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