Dr. Avie J Rainwater III
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Dr. Avie J Rainwater III

Licensed Psychologist | PHD, ABPP, FAACP

I have been working with patients for more than 35 years and still find meeting new patients and going through the process of change, extremely rewarding. My partner, Dr. Seth Rainwater, is my middle son and we have four excellent counselors (LPC’s) working with us.

It is the goal of LifeCare to integrate the benefits of professional psychology with the eternal characteristics, beliefs and practices of the Christian faith for the provision of psychotheological therapies. It is our belief that this synthesis will provide the best possible care of Body, Mind and Spirit for those individuals who are Believers in the Christian faith or who are searching spiritually in adoptive consideration of Christianity. Individuals of different faiths, or those who have not adopted a personal religion, will be respected in all ways and in these circumstances traditiona

Dr. Rainwater has published over 35 scientific articles and book chapters and has given hundreds of professional presentations.


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