Mr. Dave Ragsdale
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Mr. Dave Ragsdale

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC

I provide individual, marital and family therapy services focusing on a variety of treatment issues. I use an empowering approach providing communication tools and conflict resolution strategies which empower my clients to rebuild trust, sustain intimacy and nurture transformation in their closest relationships. Treating depression, anxiety, and trauma, I help men and women find relief from reoccurring symptoms and rebuild their self confidence at various life stages. I support the integrity of men and women in their personal and professional journey while helping them bring balance to life.

I also provide weekend as well as one to two week Intensive Marriage Counseling for couples who may come from across the country. Intensive Therapy is also available for individuals or anyone in the local Denver area. Hosting can be either provided on site at our Retreat Home or arrangements may be made for area lodging during the Intensive. Special focus is also provided for spiritual and executive leaders seeking personal renewal, marital restoration and organizational revitalization.

Founder and President of LeaderCare Inc, a 501c3 organization that serves Christian leaders worldwide through counseling and coaching. Through ChangedLife Counseling Services he also serves Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor and for the last 30 years he has helped individuals, couples, and families strengthen their lives and relationships. Ragsdale received his MA in Counseling from Denver Seminary. His post-graduate work has included Marriage and Family Therapy certifications with the Menninger School of Psychiatry.

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