Mr. James Quandt
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Mr. James Quandt

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LCSW, MSW

There is hope! The fact that you are reading this shows that you are open to finding help. Help comes from God, and He cares about you.

I help couples restore selfless loving in marriage. God cares about your marriage! And He helps those who come to Him. I offer Biblical principles for people wanting to grow their marriage or address individual issues, to whatever degree they say they are open to this. I also offer to pray with clients.

If you seek help through a counselor, look for one who is connected with the ultimate help, which is God! I believe Focus on the Family is an excellent reference for this.

I am here because I believe this ministry is what God wants me to be doing. While I am an imperfect person, God has given me the ability to care and feel for people, and I try to listen well to those who come here. Though I cannot guarantee results of counseling here, I do help couples restore selfless loving in marriage! Often with this, I use a specific approach called Skills In Selflessness. See the Pathway website for more on this.

I also have counseled hundreds of people coming here individually in my 19 years at Pathway. Whether they are coming here alone or not, I help people work toward goals they specify. I believe God helps us in these things!

Please see the Pathway website for some marital articles I have written: