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Ms. Amy Prosch

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LMSW, ACSW

In 2003, I envisioned being able to help others obtain counseling services in a Christian based practice in Macomb County. The idea was to create an office that could serve individuals and families in the community with exceptional service, knowledgeable interventions, and a faith based focus along with reasonable fees.

-Trained as a trauma therapist and trainer by the Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children(TLC). -Receive referrals from Beaumont and the Hough Center for eating disordered youth.
-Services include: individual, marital, and family therapy.

I have been a Christian Family Therapist since 1989. Therapy at RHCC is focused in Christian beliefs and is Bible based. I believe strongly in the Christian convictions I was raised in and hope to share these with the people I work with in my office. Renewed Hope offers: individual, marital, and family sessions. I am a licensed Master Social Worker. I am affiliated with the American Association of Christian Counselors and Focus on the Family. I truly believe in the ability to improve our lives and families as we make God our anchor.