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Dr. Rebecca Propst

Licensed Psychologist | MA, PHD

People often come to me in emotional pain, either because of a current painful or destructive life experience or relationship, or because of such relationships in the past. I endeavor to help my Christian patients grasp the fullness of their faith in the emotional healing process in a way that fits with their own beliefs and background. I work with both individuals and couples with the same goal: to help each person who comes into my office to open up more fully to their personal emotional potential in relating to others, even despite any painful or destructive relationships they have been in in the past or the present.

My experience and growth as a therapist have been enhanced by my 40 years of experience as a therapist, by my extended training in a post graduate institute focusing on helping people develop stronger, more positive senses of themselves, and by my own personal lived experience with my own family and children. Over the years, my patients have commented to me after the process, that they would never want to go back to their old selves, and they only wish they had found a good therapy experience earlier. My website details my training and background.

I WORK WITH BOTH INDIVIDUALS AND COUPLES. If you have struggled with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, IBS, or difficulty in relating to others, I work with you to enhance your ability to overcome these painful concerns. As a therapist I work to understand, support, and affirm you, and provide you with a stronger, more healthy sense of yourself.
I work with couples to help them learn to understand and affirm each other, and increase their emotional connection with each other. Often, I work with both individuals and the couple at the same time, so that they may both grow together.

I have written extensively in the area of the clinical treatment of depression. One of my books, “Psychotherapy within a Religious Framework”, was a pioneer in integrating Christian faith into the treatment of depression.