Dr. Eva Ponder
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Dr. Eva Ponder

Licensed Psychologist | MA, MSW, PSYD, HSPP, LP

As a pastor’s wife and mental health professional with over 20 years of experience, I am passionate about helping people find the freedom of being who they were created to be and to find meaningful connection with others. I work well with women who have lost their sense of self in the context of serving others, and I also love working with couples to help them overcome hurdles to the emotional intimacy they crave.

Dr. Ponder has been the Clinical Director of a Christian Counseling Practice in Chicago, and is now practicing in NW Indiana.

My practice offers high levels of confidentiality in a comfortable setting. I am willing to collaborate with medical providers and pastors.

I have a PsyPact passport and can provide services to individuals in PsyPact states.

Dr. Ponder participated in the development of the DSM 5 and has trained professionals to utilize the DSM 5 and the ICD 10. She has also provided professional training to assist counselors to adapt their practices in the wake of the affordable care act.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth