Mr. J. Andrew Ott
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Mr. J. Andrew Ott

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | MSW LCSW

Andrew Ott, MSW is a licensed clinical social worker with over thirty years of experience helping individuals, couples and families find their best path to success. Since 2009 Andrew has been in partnership with CornerstoneVision Counseling & Psychological Services.

I have worked with children who have been abused and neglected, and assisted their family’s through skill building, goal setting, and counseling to provide a safe and happy environment that the child can thrive in. I have also worked with countless teens in middle schools and high schools throughout the Northeast Indiana area.

Andrew’s interests include family, theology, traveling, reading, apologetics, mentoring, current events, and he is an avid fan of Star Wars. Andrew spent four years as a Home-Based Therapist dealing with issues such as attachment, parenting, anger management, family relationships, grief/loss, and co-dependency. Internships included: Phase I substance abuse group facilitator, therapist at graduate school counseling center, community/event planning, crisis management, and emergency assistance services. Andrew also incorporates spiritual healing in his practice and enjoys facilitating groups.