Ms. Jennifer Morgan
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Ms. Jennifer Morgan

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC, BCPCC

Jennifer’s approach to counseling is focused on building a genuine relationship with clients and walking alongside them as they grow through behavioral, relational, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual change. Jennifer believes the goal of therapy is developing a relationship that becomes a place to heal from hurts and experiences-first through redemptive moments between counselor and client, then through redemptive moments clients claim in the rest of their life. Jennifer continues to seek and grow her understanding of the relationship between Psychology and God, and desires to help you do the same.She believes it is our thoughts that cause our feelings and behaviors, therefore, if we are able to change the way we think about the world, we are able to change the way we feel and act. Working together using cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, and scripture-based therapy, you will find relief from your current symptoms and reduce the likelihood they return. Change isn’t easy, but seeking help means you don’t have to suffer alone.

We seek to help individuals find balance between personal responsibility and trust in God. We believe our beauty is revealed when He empowers us to embrace disappointment and fear, and choose love over self-protection. We can find hope in a trustworthy God who loves, forgives, accepts, and gives strength to follow Him. Life altering change results from change of behavior, but more importantly, change of heart. As much as we rely on the belief that changing thoughts produces change in feelings, we rely more on the belief that restoration to God produces restoration in life.

Jennifer Morgan, MA, LPC, BCPCC
• Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
University of Missouri-Columbia
• Master’s Degree in Counseling
Saint Louis University
• Licensed professional Counselor since 2002
• Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor
• Experienced in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD,
Eating disorders, relational conflict, grief,
perfectionism, spiritual issues, and more.
• Member of ACA and American Assoc of Christian Counselors
• Recognized by Who’s Who of American Women,
Manchester Who’s Who of Executive & Professional Women in Counseling


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