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Mrs. Kriss Mitchell

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor | LCPC, LMHC, M.Ed

Kriss Mitchell is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the States of Idaho, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Colorado and Utah. She is an unlicensed Naturopathic Doctor as well as holding certification in Rehabilitation Counseling, and Board Certification from the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors. Additionally, she has been a Domestic Violence Evaluator appointed by the Supreme Court of the State of Idaho.

Her areas of specialty include trauma, PTSD, anxiety, identity issues, sexual, spiritual and domestic abuse, addictions, and she also works with individuals who are adult children of Borderline parents or alcoholics. She is trained in EMDR which is considered the most effective therapy for trauma and is honored to work with our veterans.

Kriss is gentle, humorous and compassionate, and believes that it is personal revelation which produces life-changing results. Her belief that unresolved emotional issues are foundational to all personal and physical problems is foundations to the work that she does.

The vision and passion of Living Well Counseling and Consulting (LWCC) based in Post Falls, Idaho and just outside the Spokane, WA area, is to offer hope, health, and healing through counseling and consulting services customized to each individual’s unique needs.
We are committed to taking you to the next level of personal growth with family, friendships and career.
If there’s something in your life that is missing, LWCC is committed to helping you find it, develop it, and let it influence your circle of relationships in a new way.