Restoration Counseling therapist
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Mrs. Tami Miller

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | LMFT, MA

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the Clinical Director of Restoration Counseling Service. As a group counseling practice, we specialize in family and couples counseling. While I enjoy helping clients in many areas, our team had become best known for helping couples to improve their marriages, and even those recovering from an affair.

I understand what it takes to make a marriage work. It is not always easy, but the rewards of a marriage done right are priceless. I will show you how you can do it too.

When it comes to working with couples, families and individuals, I have more than 35 years of personal experience as a wife and over 30 years as a mother with two daughters. My own life experiences, combined with my education and training, allow me to help my clients move toward restoration and healing and improve their relationships to better than they could have ever imagined. To do so, I work very hard at helping my clients and I expect them to work hard as well. My goal is for your marriage to thrive to the point that you would not need my help anymore.

We are located in a beautiful 100+ year old home/office in downtown Redlands. You will not feel like you are in a counseling office, but rather you will think you are in a friend’s home. And that’s just how we like it.

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