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Mrs. J. McIntyre

Licensed Professional Counselor | MS, LPC, NCC

Kristin has a passion to serve her community and to see lives, marriages, families, and relationships restored. Her goal is to establish a professional faith-based counseling experience with a personal touch. She focuses on normalizing the human experience of pain and suffering as something that is common to all of humanity. She prefers to “join” her clients on this common ground, validating, empowering, and encouraging them in a way that facilitates the discovery of healing in their lives.

Kristin also believes in focusing on strengths, giving proper emphasis to “what is right with you,” instead of only focusing on “what is wrong with you.” She will help you recognize your positive qualities and characteristics, affirm what you are already doing well and help you apply these things to successfully problem-solve.

Kristin has been serving the community with All Things New Counseling Services since February 2009, and she is delighted that her vision is meeting the need of the community. The most common feedback she has received from her clients over the years is that they feel comfortable with her and her approach empowers them to address “hard stuff” and succeed in meeting their counseling goals.

And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”
Revelation 21:4-5a