Dr. Kyle Martin
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Dr. Kyle Martin

Licensed Psychologist | PhD

I provide counseling for people with all types of struggles from mild to severe. I believe every person has struggles in life at one time or another and people benefit greatly from having a trained professional to help them sort out issues with sound, objective feedback. This feedback can be painful at times, but is needed to promote self-awareness, personal growth and healthy relationships. Some of my most satisfying work is with those who have fallen hard, but are ready to get up and learn from their mistakes.

I have worked with many wonderful people over the years, some of whom others might consider unworthy of help. I see each person as uniquely made and created with a purpose. Some times my goal is to help that person discover their purpose and see their God given value. Other times it is to simply to help them manage a crisis or equip them with life skills not yet learned. It is a blessing to see the growth and maturity in people as I work with them over time. Some of the “least of these” end up having the most fulfilling lives.


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