Mrs. Sherry Ellen Lemke
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Mrs. Sherry Ellen Lemke

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LCPC, LPC, BCPCC

Counseling provided for individuals over 18 years, married couples & families. Extensive experience in treating Bipolar & Depressive/Mood Disorders, Dual Diagnosis Couples Counseling, Integrated Counseling, and counseling upon request.
Co-founder of [email protected]
Published & presented at 1995 Options for Life Conference, in London, England.
40+ years providing therapy
Sherry is married to her husband, Ron, for 50+ years, has three children & nine grandchildren. She began her career a music therapist, has a MA in Counseling in the Community, has done post-graduate work in Family Systems. She has been certified as a Music Therapist, drug/ alcohol counselor, gambling addiction counselor + a certified Christian Counselor. Sherry provides consultations + supervision for other counselors.
Sherry services clients both in her home office + on the telephone; clients come from both IL & WI as Sherry is dually licensed in both states.
Therapy within the Christian Counselors is defined as an invitation to experience acceptance and hospitality through a relationship with a professionally trained therapist called by God to show this grace is a safe place.

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  • 786 Timber Ridge Ct., Fontana, WI
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  • 262-275-0880