Round Rock Sex Addiction Counselor
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Mr. Kevin Leapley

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC, CSAT

I believe we are all absolutely wired to have one oh so special person who we commit to building and sharing a life together. I’m married to an incredible woman who continues to teach me (and challenge me) what real lasting love is all about. I am a runner, dog lover, and I work as a therapist, who loves helping people find deeper lasting connection in their relationships and helping men find lasting freedom from sexual compulsive behaviors.

I believe each of us has been created for a purpose. My purpose is helping couples rediscover lasting love and a stronger bond. I guide struggling couples, who often have lost hope, back toward one another to a secure and solid relationship. And I help men struggling with sexual addiction to find healing and freedom.

When we work together, whether you’re reading my articles on relationships or sex addiction recovery, signing up for a session, group, or a workshop, the first thing you’ll get from me is my strong commitment. Commitment to support you and your partner strengthen your marriage or guide you away from destructive addictive behaviors into a life worth living.

I specialize in relationship counseling and sexual addiction counseling. I use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for relationship counseling and I am a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT). Both marriage problems and sexual addiction relate to attachment issues. Attachment is about connection and I help couples reconnect in their relationship. For men that struggle sexually, I help them face the underlying wounds that their behaviors keep them from facing.

Whether you are needing marriage counseling or sexual addiction therapy, I can help restore your life and relationship.

I became a sex addiction therapist after working my own recovery and healing. I did not just go to college or a training program and read about recovery from sexual addiction. I also personally lived “the life” and went through my own journey of recovery. My desire is to help men and marriages experience restoration in the same way that I and my own marriage has been restored. I have received specialized training and education from Dr. Patrick Carnes, who is recognized as both a research and expert in sexual addiction.

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