Mr. Robert Laib
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Mr. Robert Laib

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LCPC

We all have struggles in life and sometimes it can help to lean on someone for guidance who is not already involved in the various spheres of day-to-day life. Robert meets with clients with a balance of empathy for what all is going on and practical planning to navigate through. He is experienced assisting those facing mood problems, substance recovery, anxieties, relationship conflict, grieving, stress, and other situations. While he leaves the responsibility for growth to the client, he creates a healthy working environment where the various difficult components can be openly sorted through. He is friendly, organized, and strategic. Christian faith is integrated with professional techniques to the extent requested by the client. Robert draws from a wealth of counseling principles like restructuring thoughts and beliefs, relational attachment, healthy boundaries, and emotional expression.

Robert operates a non-profit outpatient, office-based counseling practice in two locations with several associates. He welcomes client referrals from churches, doctors, attorneys, and insurance networks. Sessions of 45 minutes for assessment and follow-up on a weekly basis would be typical and the process is flexible to meet the client’s needs. Hours of the day and evening to meet are also flexible.

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