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Mrs. Judy Koehler

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC, NCC

Are you struggling in your marriage? Has someone hurt or betrayed you? Do family concerns keep you up at night? Are you experiencing loneliness, anger, anxiety or sadness in a significant relationship? If so, I have specialized training in helping my clients build connections with the most significant people in their lives. I’d love to assist you, too, in creating a more secure and enjoyable life. Please check out my website/blog or take advantage of a free 15-minute phone call to see if I might be a good fit for your particular situation.

My private practice is near Manchester and 270 in West County (Town & Country). Though I work with clients with various world-views, my Christian faith and seminary training help me view and treat human struggles with a Biblical perspective. I strive to be as compassionate and encouraging as I am helpful.

I have been happily married since 1979. After our two daughters were grown, I went to seminary for my Master’s. It was a blessing for me to learn counseling techniques through a Biblical worldview. When not seeing clients, I love to read about counseling issues and Christian thought, cook ethnic foods, and grow beautiful flowers.