Mr. Stephen Johnson
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Mr. Stephen Johnson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LCSW

Stephen Johnson did his initial studies and received his undergraduate degree in business administration, which led to a profession in the corporate world. As he progressed and his staff grew, he received training in Contact Counseling – counseling employees on the job.

Because of Stephen’s interest in psychology, and a desire to help others, he eventually resigned a long-term executive position to return to graduate school in the early 1980’s. He received his graduate counseling degree in 1983 and began a full-time career in 1984 as a ‘Mental Health Professional’ in community mental health. Soon, thereafter, he added ‘Drug and Alcohol Specialist’ to his credentials in the Comprehensive Care system, leading to ‘Intake Coordinator’ at a rehab center.

During this time, Stephen was being trained and equipped to be licensed by the State Board of Examiners to be in private practice. After fulfilling the educational, professional, examination, supervision and testing requirements, his private-practice license was issued in 1987. After 5 years of successful independent clinical practice he was then qualified to hire, train and oversee other counselors. This led to starting Stephen Johnson and Associates in 1994.

Over the years, Stephen has helped equip, train and provide clinical supervision for numerous other counselors. He has taught in settings such as: college, university, church, business, retreat, and missions oversees. He was the host of “Counselor’s Corner” daily radio program for 8+ years.

Stephen welcomes those who seem unable to break free of their challenges and/or those who have not responded to other counseling opportunities. God is faithful to his promises.

Jeremiah 33:3; “Call to me and I will answer…”
John 8:32; “…you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”
Matthew ll:28; “Come to me, all you are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

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