hiram johnson
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Rev. Hiram Johnson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | MA, LCSW

Rev. Hiram Johnson is a licensed mental health therapist (for 22 years) and also an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church. He has been married for 31 years to his wife, Jill, they have two beautiful daughters, Hannah (24) and Sarah (21), who are currently still on the payroll. And he loves his FSU Noles!!!!

Rev. Hiram Johnson believes, we are all stronger because of people’s stories. He believes stories help us to endure the pain and prolong the joy. Everyone needs to share their story! He felt called to share his story through his book, “Tragic Redemption” to help hurting people coping with tragedy, heartache and loss. To give people a sense of hope regardless of how bad things may be at the current time.

Rev. Hiram Johnson states: “Hope eventually comes to terms with tragedy, heartache and loss; as tragedy will never have the last word. Good does overcome evil. And, yes, we are in a spiritual warfare. And while we are at war, unjust suffering will occur. But rather than being totally surprised by it, we should actually expect it. And there will be more unjust suffering for us all. But for those who seek it, there will always be more joy as well. We find and know the meaning of joy because of heartache; just as we find the value of trust through betrayal. God is with each and everyone of us; and we are not alone although our feelings may tell us otherwise. Simply allow God to love you!”