Dr. Stephen Huggins
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Dr. Stephen Huggins

Licensed Psychologist | PSYD

Grew up as a missionary kid. U.S. Marine vet (1976-80). Active in my church and spiritual life. Licensed as a psychologist in 1989. Enjoy outdoor activities in my free time. Volunteer board member with non-profit agency, Servant Wings and Certified Flight Instructor. Married with two adult daughters (married) and six grandchildren.

I aspire to help people become healthy, high functioning and well-adjusted to the fullest extent possible given the particular problem and life situation with which they are struggling. Cognitive Behavioral therapy is the primary treatment modality I use. I seek to make all interventions consistent with Biblical principles.

Who I best treat:
An individual who is aware of the life problem with which they are concerned and is motivated to seek help and change. The person is willing to take initiative and do their best to use the skills and concepts we identify and discuss in our therapy session. Spiritual fitness is an important part of your life.

I am now working part-time and limit the number of couples with whom I treat at any given time.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth