Mrs. Dee Hudgens
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Mrs. Dee Hudgens

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LSCSW

My vision is to encourage, inspire and enlighten in a respectful and positive way, while supporting and embracing
differences yet affirming uniqueness.

I can help with those important relationships in your life. Perhaps you or a loved one are struggling with addiction issues.

Blended families are truly a challenge in our face paced society.

My mission and passion is to assist individuals, couples and families in healing and growth, especially during times of personal and family crisis.

Together, we will set goals and solve problems. I always consider the client’s unique physical, medical, emotional and mental health issues.

I believe in strong secure marriages and can help you strengthen your marriage, increase your intimacy and protect the boundaries important to successful relationships.

We will utilize techniques for increasing communication skills, improving self-esteem and maintaining quality relationships.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth