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Dr. Loren Hubin

Licensed Psychologist | PhD

I see it as a significant privilege to be given opportunity to enter into the challenges, pain, and pursuits of growth presented by courageous seekers of help. My aim and commitment is to bring an approach that is personal, engaging, compassionate, and respectful, and to seek a thorough understanding of needs and experiences while offering counsel or ideas. Where fitting, it is a special pleasure and privilege to make direct and explicit use of faith and the resources that the Lord has provided to meet needs, enable true understanding of self and others, and give wise guidance and direction.

Personally, I’ve been married for almost 32 years, and have three beloved young adult sons and two precious daughters-in-law. I get rest and re-energize often through physical work on our little hobby farm.

I have been in practice with the same group of Christian professionals for 25 years.