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Ms. Linda Hermann

Licensed Professional Counselor | MEd, LPC, NCC

When people feel lost, tackle difficult decisions, face relationship changes or manage life adjustments, they often seek outside support. Linda’s clients seek peace, balance and a safe place to journey forward with her warm, straightforward approach. Individual clients partner with Linda to: feel accepted, understand how their current situation fits their life, find strength, and lead peaceful lives. Rebuilding relationships (marriages, parent/child, premarital) using Emotionally Focused Therapy encompasses the rest of her practice. A special area of interest is supporting families dealing with substance abuse. Faith based Christian counseling is available. Linda is the former Executive Director of KUTO. She has worked at Hazelden, in several hospital settings and at an alternative school. She teaches/has taught graduate counseling at Covenant Seminary & UMSL, guest lectures at Washington University, speaks at community engagements and has served on numerous non-profit boards. Linda is a past president of Psychotherapy Saint Louis and is a Governor-appointed member of the Missouri Committee for Professional Counselors.

“My clients can expect a peaceful therapeutic experience, compassion, a tailored approach to individual needs and challenges to grow in balance, humor and love.”

Remote Sessions / Telehealth