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Ms. Ruth Ann Graybill

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LCSW

I am a licensed clinical social worker currently in private practice in Fullerton, CA – doing individual, marriage, and family therapy. I also work with the missionary community – doing missionary debriefings and debriefing training, dealing with crises on the mission field, conducting seminars on the mission field, and counseling missionaries on furlough. For many years I worked at Biola Counseling Center (part of Biola University) as a staff therapist, also as adjunct professor in Biola’s graduate psychology program (Rosemead School of Psychology), and as advisor to Biola’s chapter of Mu Kappa, a national organization for missionary “kids” on U.S. college campuses.

I credit my desire to becoming a therapist by being born into a large, stable Christian family and growing up on a farm (Hershey, PA). Primarily from loving being part of a large family and seeing the consistent way my parents lived out their Christian faith and values in our home, I developed the desire to work with marriages and families as part of my eventual career. Prior to my graduate training, I worked on the mission field for several years…and thus developed a desire to work with missionaries as well.

Seeing people heal and grow through the therapy process never ceases to bring me immense joy! I love to say that the same kind of hard work I applied to growing up on a farm I now apply to apply to working with clients!