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Mr. Ken Graham

Licensed Professional Counselor

I enjoy working with men, spouses, and family members who are being impacted by sexual addiction, intimacy issues and/or codependency, as well as trauma and identity concerns. It is my desire to help my clients achieve a better sense of themselves in relationship to God and his/her community. Most of my clients are Christians who are seeking emotional, relational, and spiritual growth. As the therapy process evolves, clients begin to replace negative, self-defeating messages with beliefs based in Truth. Through trauma work involving EMDR, deeper resolution of early wounds occurs, which enables an experience of reconciliation with self, God and others. Other issues I treat include men’s issues, husband/wife sexual issues, and PTSD concerns.

My practice incorporates individual, couple/family and group experiences. Having worked in the mental health /addiction field since 1985, I consider myself to be a highly experienced and “seasoned” therapist. My wife and four children have positively influenced my sense of authenticity and grace as I walk with clients on their journey.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth