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Dr. Royce Garvin

Licensed Psychologist | PhD

I’ve practiced for over twenty-five years as a psychologist in the Deep South and the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, I co-founded a high technology company, serving as its senior financial executive for five years. I have also worked for the Boston Consulting Group in business development. My practice specialty areas are men’s intimacy issues (including social/personal development, pornography and sexual addiction), work-related issues, depression and anxiety, spiritual issues, marital/relationship problems, and blending career and family life.

I work with a number of executives and pastors, as well as Silicon Valley employees on issues ranging from work stress to dealing with difficult employees to sexual difficulties.

I was born and educated in the Deep South, and moved to the San Francisco Bay area, where I’ve lived for the past thirty years. In addition to my work in psychology and business, I’ve taught at Fuller Theological Seminary (California) and Reformed Theological Seminary (Mississippi). I am an ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

I have a private practice in Redwood City, California, and see clients in my office as well as through video conferencing meetings.

The majority of my clients are adult Christian males in the workplace, but I also enjoy working with high school and college students.

My wife, Darrah, is also a clinical psychologist; and we both serve as Fellows at Marble Retreat in Colorado.

Early in my career, I published a number of scholarly articles in the areas of alcohol abuse, medical psychology, and Christian psychology.

Over the past twenty years, I’ve been deeply influenced by the teaching and writing of Dallas Willard.

I frequently speak in various topics involving sexuality and Christianity.