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Dr. Mike Garrett

Licensed Professional Counselor | PhD, LPC

Dr. Mike Garrett and his team of caring and highly experienced Christian counselors are all about repairing and restoring individuals, marriages and families. We provide individual counseling, couples marriage counseling, adolescent counseling, pre-marriage counseling and also 1, 2 or 3 day Marriage Intensives upon request. We also provide a free one year follow-up program with weekly videos for all of our marriage and pre-marriage clients.
Dr. Mike Garrett at Christian Counseling Associates Of Raleigh provides trusted Christian counseling in North Raleigh, NC. Because of his extensive leadership background in counseling and ministry endeavors, Dr. Mike is acclaimed as a leader in the field and the “GO TO” Christian counseling practice for not only Christian couples but also leaders, pastors, missionaries, seminarians, and even other therapists. He is regarded as a “COUNSELOR to the COUNSELORS.” He is also connected to and cooperates with many other Christian therapists.

Dr. Mike and Rhonda Garrett have over 40 years of successful marriage and family experience and provide the highest standard of individual and marriage counseling for the community and beyond. Mike has dual doctorate degrees and a Masters degree in counseling from Columbia and Trinity with post-graduate work at Liberty. Rhonda is a Liberty grad and seasoned therapist and author.
Mike has served as counselor/therapist, seminary professor, Teaching and Counseling Pastor of a 10,000 member church, Campus and Military Chaplain, and adjunct faculty for Walk Thru The Bible Ministries.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth