Mrs. Mary Ann Galle
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Mrs. Mary Ann Galle

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | MA, CPC, LMHC

The Lord Jesus knows we need each other. There are times in a Christian’s life that they need confidential Christian guidance in thoughts and actions in life. Things like worry, guilt, regret, stress, and sadness can waste your time. they can erode your confidence, confuse your thinking, spoil loving relationships and hurt your prayer life. Often people are not even aware of the source of their problems. “why do I feel this way?” “Why do I act like that?” therapy may help. A person can gain insight into their own feelings, actions and cause of their problems. Our clients are given the techniques and practical tools that they need in order to live the abundant life that God wants them to have.
I believe the Lord sent me into to this field to be the listening and kind counsel for his people.

The office is located in West Bradenton. It has easy parking.
The first session is an information session with biblical direction.
The following sessions will incorporate: Interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behavioral Adlerian therapy, Bibliotherapy, and Nutritional advising.
Techniques used are to help marriage, individuals and families.

The therapist has expertise in the treatment of behavioral health issues caused by cognitive impairment, mood disorders personality disturbance, substance-related and /or spiritual problems.

Mary Ann Galle has used her time and talents to obtain the needed education to serve your with a master’s degree from USF, 2 years of interning. In addition, she passed the State of Florida boards. and is Certified as a Pastoral Counselor.