Ms. Elly .
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Ms. Elly

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, MDiv, LMFT

I have years of experience working with individuals, families, and couples at various clinical settings. Other than my therapy work with individuals, couples, and families at outpatient setting, I have an extensive experience providing wraparound service for families with children who have severe emotional and behavioral needs. I have worked for Elder Protective Services with elders who are neglected and abused and their family. I have also provided psychiatric evaluation at emergency services and home-based family stablization work for families with children and adolescents who are in psychiatric crisis.

I recognize the complexity of human needs–physical, emotional, intellectual, relational, and spiritual and the unique effectiveness of different therapeutic approaches to different needs. I believe that a safe, supportive and respectful environment is important in the therapeutic process. My goal is to bring healing, transformation and growth throughout the course of therapy.

I am bilingual in Chinese and English and enjoy working with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

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