Mr. Earl Friesen
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Mr. Earl Friesen

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, MFT

An individual, couple, or family that is struggling with relationship issues. These issues may arise from current conflicts or that originate from unresolved past issues. The client can benefit from learning more about themselves and how relationships work. Is able to make changes in how they handle issues as they learn new ways of responding to challenges. The ideal client is a self pay client, but I do accept insurance cases. The ideal client is willing to learn and apply what they learn.

My primary therapy orientation is Family Systems. Family Systems looks at the individual in the context of past and present relationships and the impact they have us. Making changes in our relationships impact our psychological and emotional state. Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy are effective in dealing with many issues like depression and anxiety. I also use psycho-education to help understand how we and relationships work. Understanding Family Systems helps us make sense out of relationship problems.

I grew up in a southwestern Minnesota farm, the 7th of 8 children. Summers
were spent in the mid west wheat fields operating a combine. My Dad was a custom
harvester and the days were long, hot, and filled with hard work. After high school, I
moved to Southern California to join two sisters and a brother.

Although I grew up in the Mennonite church, I never made a decision for Christ. My
father called California the hell hole of the world, but it was there that I found Christ as
a young adult.