Mrs. Pamela Fletcher
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Mrs. Pamela Fletcher

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | MS, LMHC

Christians who wish to follow Jesus Christ as Savior and are experiencing confusion and pain in their walk will find they are in the right place. Those who need healing from emotional and spiritual problems resulting from problematic pasts, especially due to abuse, will find the compassion they need. Married couples, especially those struggling due to abuse experienced by one or both, need special help and will find it. Families struggling with teenagers or adopted children can also benefit from Pam’s experience. Those living with bipolar disorder will also find great help in learning a holistic approach that can significantly improve quality of life.

Pam has more than twenty years experience in various areas of mental health counseling and is well versed in dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, dissociation,and blended families, She works with people of all ages and works with singles, couples, children, teens, seniors, and families.

Pam, licensed by Florida since 1996, graduated with a MS in clinical psychology from UCF. Prior, she led a small group ministry in her large church providing recovery assistance for all types of spiritual and emotional difficulties. Widowed when young with children, she remarried a widower father who was an engineer for NASA. They also welcomed his niece and nephew when orphaned. Together they raised seven children and are now grandparents to twelve. Mrs. Fletcher says they have given her an “ivy league” education. She teaches college developmental psychology and is an author.

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