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Mr. Karl Elkins

Licensed Professional Counselor | ThM, MA, LPC-S

COUNSELING via VIDEO-CONFERENCING NOW AVAILABLE. One hour marriage counseling sessions just do not provide enough time to resolve most conflicts between couples. When painful issues surface without time for resolution, couples actually re-activate old wounds and often go away feeling worse than before counseling! But give us 18 hours over 3-days and develop the marriage you always dreamed of.

Though couples experience many symptoms such as anger, adultry, depression, inability to resolve conflict; the root issues are usually the same: they violate one or more of 25 essential marriage skills found in the Bible. Learn and apply these 25 skills in a 3-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling or 3-Day Marriage Clinic.

Learn to communicate with resolution and without arguments.
Recover from adultery.
Resolve anger, resentment, worry, fear, distance.
Heal past hurts.
Fully forgive others.
Model healthy marriage for your children.
Learn 25 essential marriage skills.
Discover 12 needs of men and women.
Learn one concept that stops all arguments.

ThM – Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary
MA – Master of Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University
LPC – S Licensed professional counselor supervisor

Trainer for Intimate Life Ministries
Trained in apologetics by Dr. Norman Geisler

We offer inexpensive 3-Day Marriage Clinics / Marriage Intensives