Dr. John Dilley
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Dr. John Dilley

Licensed Psychologist | MA, EDD

It is my firm conviction that the body, spirit, and mind are integrated, and I use that philosophy in my dealings with all people. I typically use a cognitive behavioral therapy approach, though also include other very effective remedies in my work with all ages–children, teens, adults, couples, families. Common issues daily addressed in my office include depression, anxiety, panic, impulse control, behavior modification, drug/alcohol abuse, vocational difficulties, communication, stress, intrafamily conflict, marital and/or divorce, blended families, sports psychology, etc.. I am also a certified Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapist. Testing services, some group therapy, and organizational workshops/seminars are also available.
Professional memberships include American Psychological Association (former Public Education Coordinator for Iowa); Iowa Psychological Association (Ethics Committee Chairman); Christian Association for Psychological Studies (former midwest board member and Iowa rep.); American Association of Christian Counselors; Fellowship of Christian Athletes (former Iowa board member); National Association of Sports Psychologists.
State of Iowa Licensed Psychologist; State of Iowa Certified Health Service Provider; Certified Medicare Provider; Professional (Mobility) Qualification in Psychology; Certified Sports Psychologist; Certified ‘Repair and Reattachment’ Grief Therapist; Licensed and Ordained Minister. There are five therapists in our clinic (working 10 AM- 8 PM, and some weekends); we accept almost all insurances.