Mr. James Dignan
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Mr. James Dignan

Licensed Psychologist | MS, LLP

The Abundant Life Christian Counseling Center is dedicated to creating an emotionally safe environment for clients… one in which each person will be able to explore his or her concerns without fear of judgment.

GOAL: The goal for every client is to experience positive personal growth that will enhance his or her basic outlook on life, thus leading to greater problem solving, decision making and life management skills. Together, the client and the counselor will seek to discover what strategies and resources are available for assisting the client’s healing and growth.

Mr. Dignan offers Christ Centered Biblical Counseling.

Mr. Dignan accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord in 1978.

Jim has been a licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan, for over 27 years.

Jim’s primary focus has been to help people create emotional safety within their marriages and families.

Another of Jim’s specialties is addictions counseling.
Mr. Dignan is a Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor.

Jim has a Master’s Degree inClinical Psychology along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies.

Jim is a member of the worship team at Grace Chapel E.P.C.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth