Mrs. Angela Didway
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Mrs. Angela Didway

Licensed Professional Counselor | M.S.,LPC

If your child’s behavior is not so cute any more, contact me at [email protected]
* My Child Care Center is about to expel us.
* My child is in trouble at school a lot,
* My child’s behavior ruins family events/moments.
* We don’t get invites to things because their behavior is so bad.
* The stress is every day!
* My child’s behavior is taking the fun out of family life and is sucking the life out of me!

I am a Christ-centered therapist and family-life coach, who knows how to apply Biblical principles to modern day behavior issues and can mentor you through some difficult times and bring about the peace you desire for your hurting family.

As a licensed professional mental health therapist, if your child has ADHD, ADD, anxiety or depression, we can discuss therapeutic services that go beyond the coaching/mentoring relationship.

I am a developmental psychologist familiar with the neuroscience of infant brain development. These babies don’t come with an instruction manual! Many anxieties are rooted in the first year of life and how their primary caregivers respond to their needs and emotions. My expertise will assist you with:
* separation anxiety
* sleeping and feeding decisions
* choosing a care giver who understands attachment issues
* coaching you and your baby’s caregiver
email: [email protected]

To seek counseling is to seek change, and while change can be positive and exhilarating, it can also be stressful, painful and even discouraging at times. I will combine my 30 years of family-life ministry experience with the timeless truths of the Bible and assist you with applying them in your life. I will support you in the hard-work trenches and will celebrate the milestones and victories. This is my passion and I look forward to meeting you.
I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and am affiliated with LifeSpring Church in Boiling Springs, SC.


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