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Mrs. Linda Curtis

Licensed Professional Counselor | NBCC MA, MS

My ideal client is a person who is capable of acknowledging their issues and willing to change their behaviors, attitudes and thoughts. I am very good at facilitating the process, however, it is most essential that the client is co-operative as they set their goals for counseling and that we work together to improve their lifestyles. Nearly seventy percent of the persons I counsel are from the Christian community although I am willing to see those who do not profess my faith. Idealy we still share the same values and standards regardless of their spiritual beliefs and denominational backgrounds. I think that I am particularly proficient in addressing relational issues pertaining to marriages and families. During my many years of counseling, I have discovered that most problems occur in our most intimate relationships and therefore require changes in our styles of relating with one another. Furthermore, I am well suited in dealing with the various losses we experience in life such as deaths of loved ones, loss of jobs, divorce and health related issues. I am quite adept also with dealing with depression. I have materials for assessing depression and recovery for those depressed.

My practice is located in Montreat NC at Christ Community Church. The office is comfortable as well as private with wheel chair accessibility. I have been counseling for over twenty-five years in the Asheville area. I believe in establishing a good relationship with my clients so they feel comfortable and safe with me, and of course everything discussed is confidential. I bring expertise as well as life experience to the counseling setting, and my practice is based on biblical principles and values.