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Dr. J. Ronald Cruse

Licensed Psychologist | Ph.D.

Psychologist, Dr. Ron Cruse donated his 37 year-old practice to his 130 year-old church, and together they formed Christian Clinic for Counseling of Edmond’s First Baptist Church, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit foundation. Clients are persons who are: struggling to overcome stress, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, or anger issues.Dr. Cruse sees primarily adults and senior adults. Dr. Robison does marriage and family counseling and sees primarily teens and adults. Together, we have over 80 years of experience. We hope to add child counselors in the future. Services are paid for primarily by health insurance and client co-payments.
We have chosen to be located in a ground level, handicap accessible, office complex with adequate free parking. A new building is scheduled for summer 2021 on a beautiful green belt with trees in the background.

God has brought you to me; it is no coincidence. I am His representative. I am profoundly present with you, listen carefully to you, and won’t forsake you. I am for you and never against you. Just as God loves you and always wants the best for you,I have compassion for you in whatever you have been through and are going through. I accept you as you are while you are traveling to where God wants you to be. You are unique, deeply valued, and highly important. God tells you in His written Word what He desires for you to become, be, do, and any correction necessary. His Spirit guides you.

Dr. Cruse has authored these papers for use with clients: God Speaks on Anxiety, Worry, & Fear; Signs of Depression; Anger Management God’s Way; What is Codependency?; Adult ADHD; A Better Anti-Depressant; A Better Anti-Anxiety Agent. Worthwhile books—My favorite on the Christian life–Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life; Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God; Lee Strobel, The Case for Faith; Backus, Telling Yourself The Truth; T.W. Hunt, The Mind of Christ– very tedious but worth it.

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