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Ms. Evelyn Cogdill

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC-S

Only Video teletherapy and only in Texas

You have experienced many different seasons in life. Some of those seasons are defined by joy and laughter and positive relationships. Those are the seasons you long for and never really stop to examine. However, you are not exempt from a season plagued with loss and pain and confusion and fear. Sometimes you can overcome those seasons without help from another. More often, clarity and guidance and understanding are needed before you can climb out of any number of pits in which you may find yourself.

Currently I am only doing video teletherapy. The therapy you will receive from me is very directive in nature. This means I will not just listen and empathize, but will offer psycho-educational material which frequently includes homework. In addition, you have the option of extending your therapy beyond the clinical aspect to include a very spiritual and Christian approach to bring healing to your life. My role is to lead you in your journey to identify the core fears that are impacting your life negatively in the present. You will be the one responsible for doing the work in your healing.

I am equipped to provide counseling to equip you for your life’s journey.
My clinical approach to counseling is based in cognitive behavior therapy thus focusing on replacing harmful belief systems with truthful belief systems that will allow you to heal and grow. However, the theories I use are eclectic because each person needs an individualized approach. I have a particular heart to restore and improve marriages recognizing the value of the family system in our society and in God’s order. Together we will explore what needs to be done to ensure a healthy present for you.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth