Mrs. Lana Clough
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Mrs. Lana Clough

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LCSW

It’s not easy to talk to a stranger about the struggles you would rather keep hidden from the world. Whether you feel sad and hopeless or feel numb, whether you are so wound up you can’t stay focused – you would rather just say , “I’m fine, thanks”. Your challenges may be in relationships – no matter how hard you try to please others it isn’t enough, or the relationship that looks great on the outside is causing you a lot of pain on the inside. Are you frustrated because loved ones want to know why you are so angry all the time, but you don’t see it that way?
There is hope! When we meet we will look at your thoughts, feelings and situation. Together we will find strategies to try, coping skills that fit you, and other ways you can look at your life. If you wish, we will look at where you are in your faith walk, how it impacts your situation and how you can grow through your circumstances.

Shaker Pond Counseling LLC is an independent solo practice located on Routes 202/4 just outside of Alfred village. While I work independently, if you or I decide that I am not the best counselor for your situation I would be glad to help you find someone who will meet your needs. Start by taking the first step and calling me, I would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you.

I have been in private practice for 15 years. Prior to that I worked as a social worker in a variety of health and mental health settings helping individuals and familes cope with both physical and emotional challenges. I received my social work education at Eastern Nazarene College where I was grounded in the connection between my profession and my personal faith. Thank you ENC! I continued my education at West Virginia University before returning to New England. All these experiences and more, inform my practice and benefit the clients I am privileged to work with.

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