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Mr. Stephen Cervantes

Licensed Professional Counselor | MS, MFT, LPC

Like most people, you’re probably just trying to live a rich, full life. However, from time to time, everyone experiences troubling thoughts, unrest, loneliness, internal conflict and/or relationship distress. So, my assumption is that while most of your life probably works just fine, there are some places that could use an emotional or relational tune-up.

It’s been my life mission to learn how individuals think and how relationships work. I’ve made it my life’s focus to understand these two topics. As a therapist, I see myself as a guide. You show me the struggling place. I bring out my tool box of resources, and then together we work through the messy bits. I actually love working through difficult relationship conflict and issues, so it would be a delight to serve you.

God is good. He always shows up and reveals just what is needed.