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Mr. Craig Cato

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor | MA, LCPC

Although I treat individuals, my primary focus is on “family systems”, which involves marriages and family issues. The one area of specialized individual focus is pornography addiction. Once I feel I strongly understand the issues within a given situation, I typically provide individual or group homework to everyone involved . While cognitive behavioral therapy is my primary clinical modality, I will pursue Biblical counseling as far as the client invites.

1976 BS Cum Laude; University of Minnesota Duluth; Major: Mathematics; Minors: Education, Accounting
2005 MA with high honors; University of Colorado; Major: Counseling and Human Services

Professional experience
1976-2003 Management consultant, entrepreneur, technologist, business owner
2003 to 2021 Professional Counseling

August 2007 to 2021: Licensed Professional Counselor (Colorado)
2021 to present: Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Idaho)